Xiaomi presents cheap Mi Display A1 monitor

Xiaomi officially launches its new inexpensive MI Display A1 monitor.

Xiaomi Mi Display A1 is a second-generation monitor from a Chinese manufacturer, the first of which appeared in 2019. This time, the Mi Display A1 was equipped with a 23.8-inch IPS display that works in full HD. The manufacturer guarantees that the hardware updates the image at a standard frequency of 6 ms, and its response time is about 6 milliseconds. Static contrast - 1000: 1. Unfortunately, the body of the monitor had only one HDMI connector.

Xiaomi Mi Display A1 was valued at 699 yuan, which is about 100 dollars. At this price, it will be an excellent offer for any average user.

However, it is currently unknown whether this model will appear in other countries.

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