Xbox Series X will receive 8 exclusives at launch

Too many new games are not so important to the console, according to Microsoft

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said in an interview with IGN that Microsoft is going to announce the Xbox Series X console's gaming line-up as soon as possible.

Phil Spencer believes that too many new games are not as important to the console as players need time to get familiar with each new project. Probably, he meant that quality, not quantity, is what counts.

Phil Spencer confirmed that the next generation Xbox Series X game console will receive at least eight new exclusive games at the start. So far, there are no details about these projects.

It is known that the Xbox Series X console will receive an enclosure with dimensions of 151 x 151 x 301 mm, as well as an efficient cooling system with a virtually silent fan, which ensures quiet operation of the console under prolonged load.

The Xbox Series X is expected to come out later this year.

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