Tuned - new Facebook application has been introduced

Tuned is a new Facebook app that is only available to iOS device users and is designed for couples in love. It's a kind of diary that lets you share notes, photos or voice messages with the other half.

Users must first add their second half. In Tuned, this is done by entering the phone number. You then have access to the journal. So you can share photos, voice recordings, notes or songs with Spotify. There are also all kinds of "smileys".

Tuned is a free app. You do not need a Facebook account to use it. However, the Privacy Policy should not leave users with any illusions. The data collected can be used to display relevant ads.

For the time being Tuned is only available to users in the USA and Canada. It is not known if the application will be available in other countries. It is an experiment at the moment.

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