Thousands of personal videos of the service have entered the Zoom Network

If you are using the Zoom service, it is possible that records of your personal sessions may be online.

All these videos are records of communication sessions via Zoom. Among them are records of online lessons, therapy sessions, meetings of small businesses, as well as just personal calls between friends and relatives. Moreover, these videos sometimes contain personal data of participants and even some business information, including various reports. All these videos were recorded via Zoom and stored in cloud storage without any password. However, it should be noted that the Zoom application does not record any sessions by default. Or rather, it should not. Perhaps, all these videos were recorded at the request of their participants, but they should not have got into the public access.

To better assess the scale of the problem, we note that last month Zoom exceeded 200 million daily users against only 10 million in December. In this case, the popularity of the application has brought the global quarantine, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The application is actively used in educational institutions, it was loved by small businesses.

The leak was discovered by Patrick Jackson, CTO of Disconnect, a security software company. He accidentally found the Zoom video using a free online search engine that browses open cloud storage on the Internet. Apparently, it's a minimum of 15,000 records.

Zoom's CEO admitted in his blog that the service has now become so popular that its developers didn't expect it to be, and this has led to problems that weren't originally expected. Eric Yuan apologized and assured that the company will do its best to fix security holes.

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