This is what the iPhone 12 camera looks like. A new image has been published

Apple does not want to postpone the presentation and release of iPhone 12 to a later date.

Sketches of a new smartphone by Apple have been published, which is to be introduced under the name of iPhone 12 in September this year, if coronavirus pandemic does not intervene.

On the back panel will be a square main camera with an additional fourth sensor, which can act as a time-travel camera ToF, responsible for more accurate determination of the depth of the scene.

There is a lot of discussion on the web about whether Apple will have time to release its line of iPhone 12 smartphones in September as it usually does. Chinese partners are increasing production, but the coronavirus pandemic could prevent the new product from being released on time.

Sources say Apple doesn't want to postpone the presentation and release of the iPhone 12 to a later date, so Apple's engineering team in the U.S. is using video calls and "other methods" to help Chinese colleagues collect prototypes of the iPhone 12. That is, in fact, a smartphone is created remotely.

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