The UK will begin testing the coronavirus vaccine on humans

The UK will begin testing the coronavirus vaccine in humans as early as April 23. This was announced by British Health Minister Matt Hancock.

According to him, the Ministry will allocate £20 million to Oxford specialists to finance clinical trials. "We will start using the vaccine as soon as possible," he said.

In addition, an additional £22.5 million will be allocated to clinical trials of vaccines at London's Imperial College.

On April 18 it became known about the intention of Britain to start producing coronavirus vaccine, which has not yet passed clinical trials. According to the Director of the Jenner Institute at Oxford Adrian Hill, the goal of this step is to produce a million doses of vaccine by September and start using it if it proves to be effective. However, Hill estimated the chances of a new vaccine succeeding at around 80 percent.

According to recent data, the total number of people infected with coronavirus in the UK was more than 130,200. The victims of the infection were 17,400 people.

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