The Tesla Autopilot system has already killed over 50 people

Speaking about autopilot, practically everyone at once comes to mind Tesla, after all this company-manufacturer stands in the first ranks of introduction and popularization of autopilot.

But at the same time, the data show that this method of car management is not yet perfect, because in 2019 as a result of accidents involving Tesla cars more than 50 people died.

Is it worth trusting the autopilot with your life?

The autopilot is not yet perfect and you should not trust it as much as you trust yourself. Although most people call Tesla systems a complete autopilot, it is actually just a driver assistance system. Despite the fact that the Tesla Autopilot has made some progress compared to most similar models on the market, it only reached the level of L2.5, which is not a perfect autopilot.

It should also be understood that no matter how advanced the autopilot is, it's just a system that reads the road situation using various sensors. The algorithm of such a system may fail to identify road signs and markings. It should also be remembered that the quality of roads and their infrastructure does not meet the requirements for correct operation of such a system in all countries.

Despite the fact that Tesla Model 3 is equipped with the latest Autopilot system from Tesla, the system of calculations and intelligent levels still can not cope with all emergencies.

The promotion of Autopilot is misleading

Representatives of the U.S. Automobile Safety Center believe that Tesla Autopilot advertising misleads customers about the capabilities and safety of the autopilot system. The fact is that consumers wrongly believe that Tesla products already have the ability to fully autonomous driving.

At the moment, many people excessively deify the Tesla driving system. But, judging by the responses of participants of numerous accidents, there are errors in the current Tesla Assistive Driving system, which in some cases can lead to a car accident.

A real look at autopilot

The time for autopilot technology has not yet come - it must be understood and waited a little.  Auxiliary driving must necessarily become fully autonomous driving. Autonomous driving technology is definitely a standard for the future of the car.

So now we are in the middle of a transition period in the use and distribution of new technologies. Owners of existing technologies should not yet rely on this system, no matter what guarantees are given by manufacturers.

Take care of yourselves.

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