The Russian army will adopt a new radar plane in 2024

The Russian Air Force will receive the first A-100 Premier long-range radar detection and control aircraft in 2024. At present, the aircraft is being tested successfully on schedule.

The A-100 has been under development since the first half of the 2000s. The new "flying radar" will have to replace outdated long-range radar detection and control aircraft A-50 and their upgraded versions A-50U. A-100 will be able to detect enemy aircraft at ranges up to 600 kilometers, and surface targets - up to 400 kilometers.

The position of air targets A-100 will be able to determine the three coordinates at once, passing the aircraft and ground units already ready data target designation. At the "Premier", created on the basis of military transport aircraft IL-76MD-90A, installed a new dual-band radar with active phased antenna array.

The first flight of the prospective "flying radar" took place in 2017, and in early 2019 began preliminary flight tests of the "Premier". Other details on the development and testing of "flying radar" are not yet disclosed.

A-50 aircrafts that are in service today can perform flights at speeds of up to 800 km per hour at a distance of 7.5 thousand kilometers. The aircraft can determine the position of air targets only on two coordinates, calculating the altitude mathematically relative to its own height. Therefore, the transmitted target designation data require additional reconnaissance and specification.

A-50 is capable of detecting "fighter" type targets at ranges up to 300 kilometers and "bomber" type targets up to 650 kilometers. The "flying radar" can simultaneously accompany up to 300 ground and air targets. The aircraft can aim at the discovered targets either a group of 12 fighters or up to 30 combat aircraft operating independently.

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