The quietest passenger aircraft in the world X-59 QueSST ready to fly

New supersonic passenger aircraft should be the quietest when passing the sound barrier and at supersonic speed. The X-59 QueSST is to become the new civilian supersonic aircraft that will continue the Concord, only to do so in the sky almost silently. At least that's what NASA's developers are saying.

Engineers said that when flying in supersonic aircraft will produce no more than 75 decibels of noise.

Exact details and specifications are still unknown, the information on the new aircraft is carefully hidden. It is only known that the plane will rise to a height of 17000 meters and develop a speed of about 1500 km/h.

The launch of mass production of X-59 QueSST is scheduled to begin in the next 2021. And it is quite possible that this aircraft will be the only civilian supersonic model. At the moment, NASA is actively testing the pilot sample and especially carefully takes care of the noise level produced by the aircraft. In the fight against noise NASA in the aircraft X-59 QueSST used a hull form typical of supersonic aircraft and special noise filters.

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