The Quibi short video platform picked up more than 300,000 installations on the first day of operation

The first working day for the Quibi short video streaming platform was very successful. The Sensor Tower analytics service has registered 300,000 installations of the service application.

However, this result looks very modest compared to the new Disney+ video platform, which has reached 4 million subscribers on the first day. Currently, the number of its subscribers has already exceeded 10 million. The third result of the video on demand service HBO Now, which gathered 45,000 subscribers on the first day.

Disney+ was available at launch last November for a very wide range of platforms including mobile devices, set-top boxes, TVs, game consoles and web applications. Similarly, IEE content was available for five years before the launch of HBO Now, when streaming services were much more modest than they are today.

According to experts, the Quibi service was another victim of COVID-19. The platform was originally designed for short content consumption. In the conditions of home self-isolation, this advantage becomes irrelevant.

At present, potential Quibi users are offered a free 90-day version.

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