The newest Boeing 777X made its first flight

The other day, the newest aircraft of the American Boeing Corporation made its first flight. The new wide-body liner was named 777X. The airplane is unique in many ways, let's take a closer look.

The airplane is built using composite materials. Compared to the previous 777 generations, the new Boeing 777X is longer. The length of the plane is 76.72 meters. For comparison, the largest passenger aircraft, which now flies on regular Airbus A380 lines, is 73 meters long, while the Boeing 747-8 is 76.3 meters long. Thus, the Boeing 777X is the longest passenger aircraft in the world.

It will have a capacity of 426 passengers in a two-class configuration.

The wingspan has also increased to 71.75 meters. In order to integrate the aircraft into the infrastructure of airports for the first time in civil aviation, a folding wing was adopted, which had been previously tested by the military.

Boeing 777X received new GE9X engines from General Electric Corporation. The engines are larger, more economical and more environmentally friendly. Savings are the main factor of development and competition in modern civil aviation.

It should also be noted that the new aircraft has enlarged windows, improved aerodynamic characteristics, and in the cockpit for the first time in the world in a civil aircraft multimedia touchscreen screens are used.

The first test flight was postponed twice due to weather conditions. The duration was 3 hours and 51 minutes. The flight was a success. The new Boeing 777X is to correct the position of the leading American corporation after the catastrophes and the subsequent production stop of the Boeing 737 MAX.

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