The new Opera 68 got a built-in Instagram

The new version of Opera, numbered 68, includes several small enhancements as well as one large version specifically designed for the younger generation of social media writers.

Among the standard updates, it is worth mentioning the possibility of creating groups consisting of several tabs. In addition, from now on there is also a special search engine for these tabs, available under the Ctrl+space key. If a tab is duplicated, the browser will highlight it with the corresponding color and allow closing it quickly.

There is a lot of interesting improvement, which is a direct access to Instagram with a single click of the mouse. Especially for the younger generation, Opera has placed a shortcut for the specified application on the side panel of the browser. From now on, every time you want to check your channel, just click on the sidebar and a separate window with your profile will appear. At the same time, you should remember that the specified change only applies to the desktop version of Instagram.

More details on the video below

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