The new OnePlus smartphone will be cheaper than Samsung's most affordable flagship

The $1,000 mark will not be taken.

A few days ago, information on the cost of the new generation OnePlus smartphones in China appeared on the Web. Then it was said that OnePlus 8 would start at $540, while OnePlus 8 Pro would start at $720.

A little later, prices were indirectly confirmed thanks to the German operator Deutsche Telekom, which offers to pre-order a set of OnePlus Blindsales Box, which contains a certain smartphone OnePlus, for 650 euros. Most probably, we are talking about OnePlus 8.

Thus, OnePlus 8 Pro in the top versions in the USA and Europe can easily not only approach the mark of 1000 dollars/euro, but also pass for it. Fortunately, however, it won't happen. CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau said that even the most expensive device in the lineup OnePlus 8 in the U.S. will be cheaper than the most affordable version of the Samsung Galaxy S20. The last one in the U.S. costs 1000 dollars, that is, even the top OnePlus 8 Pro with the maximum volume of operational and flash memory will be cheaper than 1000 dollars.

Thus, we can hope that the new smartphones will not be much more expensive than their predecessors, although the price increase will certainly be.

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