The NASA spaceship will land on the Bennu asteroid

NASA is preparing to land on the asteroid Benn, which belongs to the Apollo group, and therefore the objects closest to our planet. Once the mission is complete, the probe's objective will be to return safely to Earth.

The mission of the OSIRIS-REx probe cannot be classified as simple. The landing is due on 25 August this year, and tests are already underway. All so that the probe can collect samples of Bennu's rocks and return to Earth. If all can be done without delay, OSIRIS-REx will return home in 2023.

It is believed that Benn is a threat to Earth. Hence the desire to study its composition. The probe is already circling at an altitude of 1 kilometer from the asteroid, and on April 14 it was possible to make a test approach to the future landing site. NASA has also published a short video on Twitter.

The next attempt to approach the asteroid will be made on June 23. If all goes according to plan, the probe will approach 25 meters away.

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