The NASA Mars Rover has discovered the ruins of a pyramid on Mars

The Curiosity Mars rover is not moving very fast on the surface of Mars, but it has time to make many discoveries on its way. For example, in the Gail crater area, he has already discovered several important artifacts and ruins that could be part of a vast industrial area.

This is the first in a series of images that have included part of several quite large pyramids. These structures are not in too good condition for obvious reasons, but the correct shapes of the base and foundations are still visible despite the time and severe conditions in which these artifacts were slowly collapsing.

Next to the newly discovered ruins of the pyramids is a small mound of artificial origin. The purpose of such mounds is unknown to us, but scientists warn to see them as a cult purpose. We agree with it and consider, that cult function such constructions have got on the Earth as a result of paleocontact of earthlings by alien civilizations in deep antiquity.

Nearby also have found out unusual stone construction which strongly stands out against other Martian structures. We need to look at the dark areas in the photo above. It may seem not quite obvious, but we believe that this photo shows the same stone softening technologies used by some ancient Earth communities. Perhaps it was from Mars that this technology came to Earth.

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