The coronavirus affects the insect world. Scientists warn of their extinction

While humanity is fighting the pandemic, scientists have decided to pay attention to insects and find out if they are affected by COVID-19. It turned out that there was no direct impact. But there is an indirect impact and it can have very dire consequences. The coronavirus crisis on the planet could lead to a significant reduction in insect populations. Insects are very important to the environment.

The planet is changing under the influence of coronavirus, and many species of insects suffer from this. A team of scientists from the University of Huddersfield is asking people around the world to take steps that will help stop the decline in insect populations.

To do so, it is important to mow lawns less frequently, avoid pesticides, leave dry leaves on trees and do not remove fallen leaves. Beetles, dragonflies, snails - there are fewer of these insects every year. But they are an important part of the chain in the environment. They are food for other animals and play an important role in the functioning of freshwater ecosystems, forming a critical component of the diversity of life.

In partnership with scientists from Finland, Germany, South Africa and the UK. They have combined their research on insect population decline. According to the researchers, population decline is affected by factors such as climate change, habitat loss, pollution and pesticide use.

Insects perform functions that no technology can replace. They are needed for pollination of agricultural plants, garden crops, and the entire plant world in the wild. The changes taking place on the planet are reducing insect populations.

As people continue to struggle with the coronavirus, many environmental problems have been overlooked. Scientists have found that insects are also facing a crisis of accelerated extinction. They have developed recommendations that contain several important points.

If they are followed, insect species can be preserved. You can't mow lawns often, you can't use pesticides. Leave small boxes and boxes on dacha and garden plots, they will become a shelter and home for insects. You can't kill insects senselessly if they get in the way.

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