The compact Xiaomi Viomi Sterilizer

Kills up to 99.9% bacteria

Xiaomi introduced a new useful device - a tiny sterilizer called Xiaomi Viomi Sterilizer. It is designed to keep food in the fridge as fresh as possible.

As the manufacturer assures, the device can cope with almost all existing types of bacteria that may be in the fridge and outside of it. The compact size allows the sterilizer to be used not only in the fridge, but also in the bathroom or in the clothes closet. The device has dimensions of 104 x 75 mm and weighs only 100 g. The sterilizer can be used up to 120 days after opening. The orange indicator at the base will remind you that it is time to replace it. When it changes color to gray, the device will need to be replaced with a new one.

The compact Xiaomi Viomi Sterilizer will go on sale on May 30th at $8.

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