Students in Japan were awarded diplomas with the help of robots

The continuing coronavirus pandemic and its associated isolation is a gigantic problem for all humanity. However, the difficulties caused by the threat are forcing original and innovative solutions.

The raging virus has caused enormous changes in the current education system around the world. Orders to stay home have forced many schools to discontinue their standard course of study and world universities to cancel graduation ceremonies. However, some students in Japan have found an original solution to this problem.

A college in Tokyo held an interesting graduation ceremony. Due to orders to stay at home, students were replaced by remote-controlled robots. What added to the realism was the fact that each student watched the graduation from a tablet connected to the robot's face.

The robots that were involved in this event were specially designed for this purpose. In addition to the aforementioned tablet mount, they were additionally equipped with hands capable of holding diplomas. In addition, each was wearing a matching cape and a square academic cap, which are used in the college.

While other students "participated" in the ceremony through a Zoom communicator, the Rector of Kenichi Omae University presented the diplomas to robots that depict real people.

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