Sphere Eight360 Nova - the best simulator for virtual reality

Had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic, the general public would have gotten to know the Nova platform from the Eight360 startup a couple of months earlier. On the other hand, the general quarantine even helped the project, as many people were fond of electronic racing with the most realistic physics of the process. And the device Nova much better conveys the feeling of entering a bend or dead loop than any gaming chair or headset, because literally moves the player in space.

The third and so far the most successful model of the sphere for virtual reality Nova is a ball with a diameter of 2 meters and weighing 500 kg, located on a support-trinogue. Inside the support is an individually driven wheel, which together can turn the sphere in any direction and rotate it 360 degrees on all axes at once. The speed of rotation reaches 180 degrees per second, which is even higher than the jet fighter and knowingly more than the gamer needs. But the experience of being inside Nova is much brighter.

Inside the sphere there's a powerful desktop computer, virtual reality headset, battery and chair mount and attachments.

The Eight360 plans to supply Nova to geologists, rescuers, the military and all those who have to drive on the road, where the accuracy of heavy equipment control is critical. The Nova will be a versatile simulator for driving on steep slopes.

It is designed to work with any platform and supports such gaming applications as X-Plane, DCS World, Virtual Battle Sim 3, Dirt Rally, iRacing and Project Cars.

Eight360 NOVA 2020 demo - VBS3 from Eight360 on Vimeo.

Nova is not a project for games, it will not go on free sale at all. Instead, it is planned to rent it out at a price of $150,000 per year to large corporations that are interested in such a simulator.

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