Samsung plans to create a 600 megapixel sensor that exceeds the capabilities of the human eye

This statement was made by Yongin Park, vice president of sensor business at Samsung Electronics. The announcement was published on April 21 on the company's news website.

Currently, the arsenal of Samsung optical sensors have 108-megapixel sensors, which are used in the flagship versions of smartphones. Also known about the design of the company's sensor for 150 megapixels.

But the electronic giant is not going to stop there. According to Park, the company is determined to design a sensor that exceeds the capabilities of the human eye.

The human eye perceives the world around it at a resolution of 500 megapixels. The new perfect sensor should have a resolution of 600 megapixels, according to Vice President.

The Samsung representative did not mention the date of the new product. This sensor can be used in machine vision systems, drones, motion control systems and other modern devices that require high quality visual information.

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