Russian electric moped Moree Tourist 55

The Moree Tourist 55 electric moped is fully designed and manufactured in Russia. The scooter is not a clone or a copy of someone's clone - it is a completely independent model.

Exclusivity gives the electric moped manual assembly, and reliability confirms the maximum permissible load capacity of 200 kg. According to the developers, the bike was designed for Russian realities and is perfectly adapted for traveling on rough terrain and at any time of year, including winter.

Wide seat and safety margin allows riding it with a passenger. I should note that it distinguishes it from the majority of Chinese scooters, with a maximum permissible weight up to 120 kg.

The dimensions with folded steering wheel are: 175 x 22.5 x 73 cm. This allows transporting it without problems even in a medium size passenger car. And with a weight of only - 42.5 kg will not be difficult to transport the elevator and storage of the house in an apartment housing stock.

The power unit is represented by an electric motor with a rated capacity of 3 kW and peak 5.5 kW. The maximum speed is 70 km/h, and up to 40 km/h accelerates in just 2.6 seconds.

The 1.75 kW*h (85 V 21 Ah) lithium-ion battery pack provides 120 km of mileage on a single charge. Its full capacity can be recovered from the household network in 3.5 hours.

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