Russia preparing to test coronavirus vaccine on humans

The coronavirus vaccine will start testing in humans by June. This was announced by Rinat Maksutov, director of the Vector Scientific Center.

Tests of the vaccine prototype on animals should be completed by the end of April this year. The drug has already been tested on mice and ferrets, Rinat Maksutov said. Now the vaccine will be introduced to monkeys, reports Nation News.

Rinat Maksutov also said that 26 different versions of the coronavirus vaccine are currently under development. They are being created on the basis of these six technology platforms and will be tested during laboratory tests. The best variants of them will be given to clinical trials. Further, if the Russian Ministry of Health permits, clinical trials on humans will begin.

Earlier, Maksutov said that Russian scientists were delivered to the coronavirus strain of a new type from Australia and Thailand. And the Chinese scientists found out that cats can get the infection.

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