Residents of the Netherlands began destroying 5G mobile towers

The Netherlands is another country where an attempt was made to destroy 5G base stations. In the past few days, a group of vandals have been setting cell towers on fire. Similar incidents have recently occurred in the UK, where several stations prepared for 5G service have also been destroyed.

Many people think that the 5G standard is very harmful. There is a situation where base stations are not allowed to be built or where they are destroyed. New incidents of this kind have occurred in the Netherlands, reports Reuters.

From information provided by Reuters, it follows that over the past few days in the Netherlands there have been attempts to destroy at least four base stations. There have been arson attempts. On one of the towers was left an inscription with a spray can, "anty-5G".

For some time now, there have been demonstrations against the 5G standard in the Netherlands. These groups are primarily concerned about the negative impact of radiation on the human body and breaches of confidentiality. However, the Dutch government argues that the deployment of a new generation network is necessary for the economy and beyond.

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