Quarantine is a great time to spend money on smartphone apps and games

That's what the statistics indicate.

The coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine events that followed it worldwide have led, among other things, to more people using their smartphones in isolation. Needless to say, it also affected the statistics on applications.

According to App Annie, in the first quarter of this year, the time users spend in smartphones has increased by an average of 30%, to 5 hours a day. Worldwide, this figure for Android devices increased by 20%.

Of course, not only has the time people spend on smartphones and apps increased, but also the money they spend on these very apps. Consumers spent more than $23.4 billion in the first quarter, the highest quarterly figure. To be more specific, in this case we are talking about software purchases in application stores, not about spending within the applications themselves. The number of software downloads increased by 15% in quarterly terms, exceeding 31 billion, 22.5 billion of which were spent on Google Play and 9 billion - on AppStore. The growth was 5% and 15%, respectively. Most users, of course, downloaded games and other entertainment applications. Significant growth (30-40%) was also observed among applications related to sports and health care.

As for the leaders, TikTok, WhatsApp and Facebook were the leaders in the top ten most downloadable applications.

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