PlayStation 5 is better than Xbox Series X. Is that right?

That's what Crytek says

Developers and various experts in the gaming industry continue to claim that the Sony PlayStation 5 console will be better than the Xbox Series X, despite the lower performance.

This time, the rendering engineer from Crytek Ali Salehi decided to speak on this topic. His position is interesting because it affects not the hardware, but the software differences between the two set-top boxes. In spite of the fact that they will have very similar platforms with almost identical basic components in architecture, the development process is still far from being the same.

Salehi says that developing games for PS5 is very easy, and it is easier to achieve maximum performance under these conditions than with the new Xbox.

    The developers say that PlayStation 5 is the easiest to create code for maximum performance. In general, I can say that PS5 is the best console.

Moreover, Salehi said that achieving those 12 TFLOPS on Xbox Series X is simply impossible. To be more specific, in this case, Crytek was referring to unlocking the full potential of the console. The maximum processing power of the GPU from the software itself is in no way dependent on the software - it's just a hardware feature.

The main difference in software is that the consoles simply use different operating systems. Sony has its own operating system, and Microsoft has a Windows modification.

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