Nikon invites you to free online photography courses

A photograph is an opportunity to capture a moment in time and tell a whole story with a single image. It's an actual and fascinating hobby even today, when everyone has their own camera in their pocket.

As most of the world's population is now in quarantine, people suddenly encounter an abundance of free time. To make the most of it and buy a new hobby for yourself, Nikon offers almost a dozen free online courses that you can take throughout April.

Video lessons from 15 minutes to an hour cover various topics for beginners and advanced photographers and cameramen. The range of courses includes tips and tricks on photographing children and pets, flash photography, portrait photography, macro photography and making music videos. And this is just a small part of the content offered.

The big plus of the courses from Nikon is that you don't need a professional camera to participate. A regular smartphone with a photo app that lets you manually control camera settings is all you need to learn the basics. And if you feel like taking your photography seriously, of course you can't do without a SLR camera.

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