NASA employees now control the Mars rover Curiosity directly from their apartments

Just two days after the introduction of total quarantine, when all the premises in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California were empty, NASA operators organized a connection to the control system of the rover from their apartments. It turned out that there was nothing complicated about it, except for a couple of specific points.

There is no pandemic on Mars and the Curiosity mission cannot wait for the disease to pass on Earth. The most important operation on the nose is drilling at Edinburgh, for which a wide variety of specialists will be involved in the management of the rover. Previously, all of them sat in the same room and could talk to each other, as well as display reports, schedules and more.

All manipulations connected with processing of 3D data from the surface of Mars were temporarily excluded from the program or moved to later terms, because for normal work with them special glasses are needed, and they remained only in the laboratory. And the work schedule had to be different, depending on who and how could work from home. But in general, NASA remain optimistic - Coronavirus Pandemic only confirmed that all processes in the department are well established and work continues online.

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