Minecraft has become a partner of the UN in the fight against coronavirus

The developers of the sandbox game Minecraft, the company Mojang, have become partners of the United Nations Organization in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19 and will add to their social networks videos with recommendations of the World Health Organization on washing hands and social distance. Minecraft's collaboration with the UN is to spread useful information during the pandemic, according to the developers' blog.

Mojang said it considers the dissemination of accurate information about the disease to be incredibly important because it will enable people to make informed decisions that, in turn, can save lives. Therefore, the studio decided to start cooperation with the UN.

According to the developers, within the next week three videos will appear in Minecraft social networks, which will tell about the right way to wash hands and social distance. In addition, posts with health guidelines based on WHO recommendations will be published in official communities. All development posts dedicated to the fight against coronavirus will appear in the social networks under hashtag #BLOCKCOVID19 - it refers to the mechanics of the game, in which all objects are made up of cube blocks.

The blog notes that it does not matter what part of the world the players live in - the whole planet is covered by coronavirus. It is important that individuals, communities and organizations come together to cope with the common misfortune. The developers separately identified health and service workers who help the community function under quarantine.

The developers of other games are struggling with COVID-19 as well. That's how Pokémon GO introduces a new remote raid feature. Initially, the game was designed to allow users to go out and interact more with other players. It features raids that encourage people to work together. The new feature will allow users to play the full game on their Pokémon GO from the comfort of their home, thus reducing the possibility of coronavirus spreading.

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