Microsoft shows the updated Windows 10 Start menu

It became more concise, but the dynamic tiles didn't go anywhere.

If you are nostalgic for what the Start menu looked like in older versions of Windows, the news is not good: the reworked "Start" in Windows 10, although more concise, has not got rid of the tiles. The user will still have weather, news and mail informers before his eyes.

With the new version of Start, Microsoft has removed the custom application colors that were introduced back in Windows 8, so the 'custom squares' in the menu are not as intrusive as they were. There are also icons with rounded corners. On the whole, "Start" looks clearly better than it does now.

But when it will be implemented in custom versions of Windows 10 - so far the question. Most likely, we will not see these innovations in a major OS update in May, so we will get used to the new "Start" either after a major autumn update, or next year.

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