Microsoft patented a new cryptovite

"The Matrix." Fantasy becomes reality.

Microsoft registered a new technology last month to receive and use cryptovalue. According to the resource The Register, the essence of the new technology is to form a "firm proof of work".

Modern cryptovalues are based on complex calculations to obtain unique hash functions. This requires a lot of computational power, and also leads to an increase in power consumption.

Microsoft's idea is as follows. Instead of loading the CPU and GPU, it is proposed to capture the heat of the user's body, brain waves or other indicators during active life. These are the indicators that are proposed to be monitored to pay the fee.

Of course, this is very similar to the "Matrix". So far, it's just a patent. It is far from the fact that such a concept will ever be realized. On the other hand, half a century ago and a familiar smartphone would have seemed impossible at that level of technology.

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