Matheminecraft teaches complicated math to children with Minecraft

Mathematician David Strutt from EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland developed a game based on Minecraft teaching children mathematical ideas that are not usually taught in school. He based it on the "Euler Cycle", a classic puzzle game that brings together the most important graph theory for electronics. Only here, instead of boring calculations, you have to have fun running along paths until the ground under your feet became lava.

In the simplest form of "Euler cycle" can be described as a task to draw a complex figure without taking a pencil from the paper and not crossing the previously drawn lines. Snake" game on old mobile phones uses similar idea, here you can add "Salesman's task", passing of mazes and other puzzles. In Matheminecraft, the gameplay is built on a journey between several castles, with the player choosing the path.

Since the game was created for children, the conditions are extremely simple and clear - the path behind the player immediately falls into cracks with lava. You can not go back, you can not cross the already passed points, you can only start again. Stutt promises that he'll adapt a few more to Minecraft's specifics in no time at all, following this puzzle. While the children are forced to sit on holiday, they need to train their brains. At the same time, the learning process intersects very well with fun and play.

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