Look out! The Android security update for Samsung smartphones is no longer secure

Samsung Electronics has stopped distributing its recent software update for Galaxy M31 smartphones due to user complaints. 

An update for the Galaxy M31 was released recently in India. It brought an April security update for Android, but became unsafe to install on smartphones. Many users have started complaining on social networking sites and through the Samsung Members app that smartphones are becoming a "brick".

Apparently, the problem turned out to be quite serious, as Samsung no longer offers firmware with M315FXXU1ATD1 number "by air". The company hasn't given any explanations about the problem yet.

Though, the update can still be installed manually with the help of a PC by downloading it from online databases. This is not a good time to experiment. In order to "revive" an inoperable smartphone in case of problems, you will have to contact a service center.

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