List of countries with the fastest internet connection

Web service SpeedTest, designed to analyze the speed of Internet connection, showed the Internet speed rating for different countries in December 2019.

SpeedTest provides two ratings - on average speed of fixed broadband Internet and on average speed of mobile Internet. There are two average speeds - downloads and downloads.

Singapore was ranked first for the average speed of fixed broadband, with an average speed of about 200 megabits per second. Then comes Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China), followed by Monaco, then Romania, and completed the first five South Korea (with an average speed of approximately 144.5 Mbit / sec). Russia is in 46th place (at 61.71 Mbit/sec), between the UK and Estonia. Australia and Italy are in 68th and 48th places respectively.

As for the rating of mobile Internet speed, the first place belongs to South Korea - with the speed of 103.18 Mbit/sec. Then come the UAE, Qatar, Canada and China. In this ranking, Russia holds 96th position - with an average speed of 20.58 Mbit/sec.

According to SpeedTest, from January 1, in order to be included in the rating (both in the "mobile" and fixed broadband) a country must have at least 300 unique user results. Prior to January 1, according to SpeedTest, it required at least 670 unique results for the rating on mobile Internet, and 3,333 results for fixed broadband.

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