Irish architects will build a fantastic wooden building in the US

Winner of the most prestigious Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 2020, Grafton Architects, an Irish design studio, designed a solid wood educational building. According to the authors, an unusual and elegant building should emphasize the universality of wood as a building material.

We are talking about Anthony Timberlands Center, which is being created together with the company Modus Studio. It will be part of the School of Architecture and Design at Faye Jones University of Arkansas (USA). It will house technology labs, where students will master advanced study programs. It will also be a training ground for wood design professionals.

The main idea of the project is to demonstrate the beauty of wood finishing, as well as its strength and flexibility as a building material.

Anthony Timberlands Center is the first building to be constructed by Grafton Architects in the USA. The budget of the project is $ 16 million, the beginning of construction - mid 2020. When it will be completed, it's not yet known.

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