iPad has a hardware microphone shutdown feature

Owners of new Apple iPads don't have to worry about their tablets eavesdropping on them

In recent years, the topic of privacy of personal data has become much more acute than before. Various scandals related to data leaks, hacking into servers and targeted transmission of user data have made the latter sensitive to such issues.

Two years ago, MacBook notebooks were equipped with a convenient function of hardware switching off the built-in microphone when the lid is closed. A similar feature has now been added to Apple tablets.

According to the company's website, the new iPad tablets (of the current model year) are equipped with the function of hardware shutdown of the microphone. Since the tablets do not have their own lids, this function is implemented when used with the device case. Any MFI-certified cases are suitable. The function works in the same way on laptops - when the lid is closed, the microphones are switched off. Thus, users do not need to worry that in sleep mode some software will secretly eavesdrop on their conversations.

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