IOS 14 will allow you to run applications without having to install them

IOS 14 is this year's iPhone software update to be announced during the WWDC conference. New rumors about the system have appeared on the Internet. It has become known that a new product will be introduced, codenamed Clips. Now the user will be able to run applications without having to install them.

Google has previously allowed Android devices to run applications that do not need to be installed first. Now plans to add a similar feature to Apple. This should happen with a major update of the iPhone this year, which will be iOS 14.

Apple is working on what is called Clips. A special API will be provided that will allow developers to prepare their own applications for the new feature. They will be able to decide which components of their software can be included without installation. Applications will be able to be activated using QR codes. However, all the details are not yet known.

There is information that Apple is working on Clips with partners such as OpenTable, Yelp, DoorDash, Sony and YouTube. We can assume that some developers will already have ready-made software, and this will be used during the presentation of iOS 14 features, which is to take place in June.

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