Independent coronavirus test at home

The FDA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has approved the first coronavirus test kit created for home self-test.

In recent months, many U.S. biotech companies have been working to create a home-made tester that allows independent coronavirus testing. Each of the projects had to undergo the appropriate tests in order to get approval from the FDA. The LabCorp test, developed by the Pixel brand, is the first to receive it.

The first home test allows for nose swabs on the same principle as for professional research carried out in a research centre. The main difference is the ability to perform actions independently, in your own home.

According to UnitedHealth and the Gates Foundation, the effectiveness of the method is equally accurate, and swab samples must in any case be sent to a special laboratory to confirm the virus.

The test costs $119. The company responsible for manufacturing the test has promised to give priority to American medical professionals and first aid providers.

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