Incredible prices on Sony PlayStation 5 in pre-order

The official retail price of the next generation game console has not yet been announced

Until the official retail price of the next generation Sony PlayStation 5 game console is announced, online stores are already offering offers to pre-order with the cost, sometimes surprising and incredible. 

Danish and Canadian retailers Fotex and Play N Trade are the latest to have their online community excited. Prices from these retailers have surprised journalists and fans. If Play N Trade offers to order unexpectedly cheap, then Fotex is unreasonably expensive. 

So, the Play N Trade console PlayStation 5 was offered for 398 dollars, and Fotex - for 1043 dollars at the current exchange rate.

Retail sales of Sony PlayStation 5 should start by Christmas season 2020. However, analysts are afraid that the release will be delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Most predictions agree that the set-top box will cost $499.

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