In 7 years, the Wikipedia editor has fixed the same bug 47,000 times

The editor of Wikipedia under the nickname Giraffedata, his real name Bryan Henderson, has made over 47,000 edits on Wikipedia from 2007 to the present day.

The 51-year-old US programmer is among the 1000 most prolific editors. But unlike the others, he didn't use bots and all edits were done by hand only.

Even more surprisingly, Brian Henderson focused on the same grammatical error that he corrected article by article, week by week, for over 7 years. His attention was caught by the parasitic word combination of "occupied of", which he removed over and over again.

Henderson says he took it as an edit every Sunday before he went to bed. In an hour he was able to correct 70-80 mistakes.

It should be noted that the programmer's work was not entirely manual. At first he searched for incorrect word combinations through Google, and then used HTML parser written by himself to search for matches in articles. The program generated a list of articles to change on Henderson's website, so it was relatively easy to follow links and correct texts.

We have to admit that not all professionals appreciated Henderson's work. For example, in 2009, someone complained to Jimmy Wales, the founder and CEO of Wikipedia, about the editor's abnormal activity. One way or another, but Henderson is still working to improve the world.

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