ICQ, live. Introduced a new version of the once iconic application

It's called ICQ New

ICQ Messenger was extremely popular even when the word "messenger" regarding such programs no one used. However, it was quite a long time ago - a whole generation of users "living" in Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp has already grown.

Meanwhile, ICQ is not just alive. Today this messenger is once again reborn - developers have presented ICQ New. However, ordinary users are unlikely to want to return to this application. At least because the emphasis in the new version is on group chats, calls and video calls. For example, ICQ New supports group chats with up to 25,000 members. Group calls in any format support up to 30 participants.

As for other functions, ICQ New is very modern in many respects. There are bots, it is possible to share not a phone number, but an alias, synchronization of correspondence history, the ability to send voice messages and so on. Of the unusual - the function of artificial intelligence. For example, transcription of voice messages.

The new version of ICQ is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

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