Huawei P40 has been turned into spy equipment

Smartphone acts as a microphone and transmits sound to compatible devices

In the flagship smartphone Huawei P40 found an interesting feature, turning it into spy equipment. The technology is called wireless sound transmission. It's not exactly what you might call broadcasting audio tracks from your smartphone to your portable speaker, for example.

The idea behind wireless sound transmission is that a smartphone acts as a microphone and it transmits all the sounds "around" to compatible devices (such as Huawei FreeBuds, FlyPods and FreeLance wireless headphones). The idea of Huawei engineers is simple - wireless sound transmission can, firstly, be used to amplify the sound (the description refers to the application of the technology by teachers and audio guides), and secondly, for example, as a baby monitor in a child's room. But at the same time, nothing prevents you from using a smartphone also to overhear confidential conversations. Here everything depends on the goals pursued by the user of Huawei P40.

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