How life on the planet will change in the near future? The American scientist's prediction

In America lives professor-physicist Mithio Kaku, who gave a rough forecast of how life on Earth will change in the next century. What changes will come and what we should all be preparing for.

Technological progress is moving at lightning speed. With the advent of the Internet, there has been a global leap in the development of all humankind. Everything goes to the point that soon microchips will be introduced into every created object on the planet, it concerns products, houses and, of course, people themselves.

VR glasses are going to be popularised. Thanks to them, as in the movie "Terminator", it will be possible to scan any information from a particular object. Any search, orientation in space and everyday shopping will be much easier. For example, glasses will help you find the right product with a good discount in the nearest store or help you get out of an unfamiliar area if you get lost.

Google recently tried to create such glasses, but because of the lack of some technological improvements, the production of glasses stopped. Most likely, in the next 15 years they will be improved and will be put back into mass use.

Also Mithio Kaku pays attention to the development of modern robots. Of course, everything goes to the point that in the future robots will replace people in many professions. But he also assumes that the revolt of machines from fantasy movies may become a real problem, because artificial intelligence will begin to outperform the human mind in many ways over time.

There may also be a positive outcome to the interaction between mankind and intelligent machines. Our planet can be transformed into a huge, heavy-duty processor that will erase the framework of galactic voyages in endless space.

In the future, people will be able to change their organisms on a genetic level. Deadly diseases will be significantly reduced and life expectancy increased.

As mentioned above, microchips will be introduced in all people, which will inform about the health of people. The data obtained will be sent to a medical station, at the request of patients. If any disease is detected, doctors will introduce nano robots, which through the blood vessels will be able to get to the sick area of the person, and cure it with the right medicine.

World science will evolve to such a level that any tissue can be recreated from stem cells. This means that mankind will be able to revive many extinct animal and plant species.

Computerization and technological advances will further exacerbate humanity's social problems. Oil production will eventually run out and a huge influx of refugees will follow westwards.

Electricity will eventually run out, too. Then scientists will have to invent new energy channels. Most likely, the main sources will be solar and hydrogen energy.

Global warming will also be gaining momentum, but no one will seriously address this problem because it prevents economic growth. And it is, as we know, much more important for modern society.

As electricity begins to run out, it will be successfully replaced by magnetic superconductivity waves. They will also be able to safely carry current with minimal energy loss. These new technologies will serve humanity for the next 100,000 years.

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