General Motors and Honda start a partnership

The mass conversion of car manufacturers to electric drive creates unusual alliances. More recently, the cooperation between General Motors and Honda was announced.

It became known that in 2024 two completely new models of electric cars will arrive in motor shows in the USA and Canada. Surprisingly - both are based on the platform of General Motors!

Since the cars will be sold under their own brand, the Japanese are responsible for body and interior design. Local GM factories will be responsible for the production of the cars. Both models should also use an author's safety system (for example, automatic notification of accidents) of General Motors - GM On Star.

An unusual solution should help to launch Honda electric cars earlier on the American market. The Japanese are really working on an author's platform, but it will not be ready until 2025. Meanwhile, GM already has a ready-made platform for large cars with electric drive, which will soon serve as a base for new models Chevrolet and Cadillac.

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