From fish farm to floating power plants. A new project in China

China has begun the active construction of floating solar stations. Construction is carried out on fish farms' reservoirs. Sale of electric power is planned as an additional source of income for fish farms. The growth of profit will be up to $50 million annually.

The first such station appeared on the Changhe and Zhousyan reservoirs in Tsysi city county. Its total capacity is - 320 MW. The 200 MW experimental part was launched back in 2017. Now the capacity has been increased by another 120 MW. This project does not interfere in any way with fish breeding in the reservoir. In addition to supplying fresh seafood, the farm also offers electricity.

Profit increased by almost 10 times!

Consumers receive electricity from such a station at a price of $0.12 per kWh. During the year, the floating power plant generates 352 million kWh of electricity into the grid. This means that the owners' annual income will amount to $45 million. Interestingly, fish farming brings in only $5 million a year. The result is nine times the profit from the rational use of water space.

A little earlier, this kind of project was launched in Australia. Its goal is to provide solar power to Singapore.

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