Facebook presented a service for group video calls Messenger Rooms

Against the backdrop of coronavirus pandemic many companies announce their solutions for remote work. Recently, Telegram announced that it will implement support for group video calls. Now they're ready to do the same on Facebook.

Messenger Rooms service is designed for conferences up to 50 people, including those who are not registered on Facebook. Virtual masks, user blocking and call rejection have already been declared among the features. Whether there will be a blurring function or a background replacement is not announced.

This service should become the equivalent of Zoom and Houseparty. After a recent data leak, many people abandoned their first service, but during the pandemic the popularity of this solution skyrocketed again. In the free version, the number of participants is limited to a hundred users and the time is limited to forty minutes.
Messenger Rooms do not plan to introduce time limits for calls, at least not at the beginning. The feature itself will be available on smartphones and PCs.

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