Facebook launches new live streaming features

Facebook experts are working on new features that can make it easier for users to access online broadcasts - even without registering on Facebook. The surge of interest in this area is due to the surge in demand for "live" video on the wave of the pandemic.

Unregistered users will be able to watch live broadcasts not only on desktop computers, but also on mobile devices. This feature is already available for Android device owners, and will be available on iOS in the near future.

Facebook also adds new options that will give Streamers the ability to communicate with those who do not have a smartphone or access to reliable mobile traffic.

This service, called "Public Switch Telephone Network", offers everyone the opportunity to listen to live broadcasts on a toll-free number, similar to connecting to a conference call. Also, Facebook Live will receive a new "sound only" mode, with which participants can listen to the broadcast without watching the accompanying video.

All these features should help Facebook cope with the unprecedented increase in demand for its services caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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