Facebook has released a game application like Twitch for smartphones

Facebook launched the gaming platform last year, and now Facebook Gaming is a standalone application with strips and games.

Facebook Gaming is positioned as an analogue of Twitch and Mixer, where network users can watch other players' gameplay. A Facebook account is required to sign in to the app. It works autonomously, so you won't be disturbed by likes, comments and more.  Games only.

During broadcasts, viewers can chat, or entertain themselves with games from the Facebook library. For example, at the beginning of the year in the social network there are two games across the universe "Pokemon".

The peculiarity of Facebook Gaming is that streamers can broadcast mobile games via a smartphone without blowing the device with additional programs. Therefore in the catalogue there are streamers for Android and iOS games like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends and so on. There are also broadcasts on "big" games with PC and consoles. Even streaming on Valorant is found.

Facebook Gaming is already available on Android via Google Play, and will soon get to iOS.

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