Eridan's Super Void. What do we know about her?

Outer space is huge. And although it contains many stars and galaxies, there's still a lot of emptiness in it.

For the first time, the existence of a strange area of space, later called Eridan's Super Void, became known after analyzing the characteristics of the cosmic microwave background. It represents the electromagnetic echoes of the earliest moments in the universe's life. And it still permeates the cosmos these days. When smart people looked at the results, they noticed that there was a cold spot in the cosmos. The temperature of the relict radiation here is lower than in the rest of the cosmos.

This place is in the direction of the Eridan constellation. Subsequent observations have determined that Eridan's Super Void is an unexpectedly large area of space. And at the same time, it's a very empty space. Its diameter was estimated at one billion light years! Even by astronomical standards, it's quite a large object. A great abyss, to be precise.

Eridan's Super Void. What is that?

There's been other voids in space before. But they're all grains of sand compared to how big Eridan's Super Void is.

The simplest theory is that Eridan's Super Void is just a colossal supermassive black hole. A mass of thousands of galaxies. It could absorb all stars, planets, dust, light, dark matter and cosmic microwave background radiation over vast distances. By becoming more and more powerful over time.

Other researchers assume that there's no black hole. In fact, Eridan's Super Void is evidence of a parallel universe. And no doubt millions of technologically advanced and ruthless aliens live in it. Who are waiting and waiting to be able to evict us from our home.

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