Elon Musk solved the long-term mystery of Tesla electric cars

The purpose of the camera in the Model 3 salon has been confirmed

The head of car manufacturer Tesla Elon Musk revealed one of the biggest mysteries in the brand cars.
Electric cars Tesla Model 3 from the very beginning came with a camera installed in the rearview mirror, which is directed into the cabin with the capture of the driver and passengers. Until now, users could only guess why they needed it.  Now Elon Musk on Twitter has confirmed one of the theories being put forward. 

The head of Tesla replied, "That's right", to a user who assumed that the camera was designed for robotaxi service in case of vandalism in the salon. If a Tesla robotaxi user decides to ruin your car, everything will be recorded on video. A hapless vandal will have to pay and possibly be held accountable before the law for his actions.

Last year the company announced plans to launch a robotaxi service when owners can rent out their cars to other users.

Robotaxi is a service for unmanned cars. In its meaning it is similar to Uber and Yandex. Taxis, but in this case, the car can be sent to "independent earnings". During the announcement, it was said that the service will be launched in 2020.

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