Doohan iTank: A hybrid tricycle and electric scooter

The Doohan iTank tricycle and electric scooter hybrid is designed to comfortably move through urban spaces where you can't get in by car. It is also interesting for rugged terrain, parks, recreation areas where there is no access to vehicles with internal combustion engines. It can go up the slide at an angle of up to 15 degrees. A couple of years ago, the project began its existence at the Kickstarter site. It's now available in most specialty stores.

The power of Doohan iTank is 4.2 kW. The maximum speed is 70 km/h. Battery pack 26 Ah allows you to overcome 45 km without recharging. To restore the power supply requires a household socket and 6 hours of time.  It is worth noting that the prototype version claimed a power reserve of 100 km, and even 160 km in top equipment.

The weight of the scooter is 99 kg, with a load capacity of 160 kg. It is able to carry two people of medium configuration. However, the power reserve in this case will be slightly reduced. Wheel diameter of 27″ and energy-intensive suspension should provide good comfort and passability.

Doohan iTank is not without its disadvantages. It badly copes with front obstacles, it is better to overcome them diagonally. The steering wheel's a little swirling. The front suspension is much stiffer than the declared one, so the comfort is weak. Despite the quality of assembly everything is kept on the clips, if it is often disassembled, then the hinged elements will quickly become unusable.

The actual cost of Doohan iTank is $3-3.5 thousand. Warranty year.

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